The Yacapaca outage: what happened

We have just recovered from our worst-ever outage, at 25 hours and 9 minutes. Here is what happened.

Our principal database server went down at 09:16 Monday 22/09/14. We moved quickly to reboot it, but this failed. Concluding it was a hardware issue (it turned out to be a failed motherboard), we switched over to the backup and got Yacapaca working again around 11:30.

By 12:00 it was apparent that the backup servers were just Continue reading

Pair Match analysis tutorial

Pair match questions can be used to test for understanding of sequence and relationship in quite subtle ways, but they serve you poorly if you do not know how to analyse the results.

Below is an analysis of a pair match (AKA Drag and Drop) question from the Computing Baseline (High level). This is the author’s view, using data from about 1,500 responses. The teacher’s view shows only the data from Continue reading

Tracking pupil progress with the Yacapaca Gradebook at Chauncy School

I had this lovely note today from Owen Hawkridge at the Chauncy School in Ware.


You might be interested to know that we’ve* abandoned our old spreadsheet system for tracking pupil progress at KS3 and instead are using the Yacapaca gradebook. We’ll be starting with Continue reading

Why educate?

This video about the (lack of) future of work asks a lot of questions about what your students will do, if anything, when they leave education. It offers no answers, but I would take that as an opportunity for contemplation and debate.