Get set up for Easter revision

With Easter almost upon us, now is a good time to make sure that your students are correctly set up for revision. Here is what to do.

1. Go to your Student Set List

2. For each student set you want revision for, select “Topics for revision” from the Actions dropdown. If it’s not visible, check you have a syllabus set for the student set. If it’s still not Continue reading

Getting a baseline for Computing is an entirely different problem from getting a baseline for ICT: here’s why.

logoAssessing Computer Science is a very different challenge from assessing ICT, so a different approach is needed. With ICT, there is standard content that we can expect all students to have covered. Computer Science is far more varied. For example, we can expect every student to have studied at least one programming language – but which one? For this reason, there is no possibility of a Continue reading

Now you can see the question feedback statements your students are writing

I am sure you have already noticed the “write a feedback statement” pages that we salt through quizzes now. We ask students to write feedback statements and then vote for the best ones. Until now, you have only been able to see the few statements that I have published here in the blog. Now, you get a complete log.

Feedback log

Access the log via More -> Feedback statement log

It is really interesting to Continue reading