Renaming a student set

One of the features of the English school system is that classes are generally named according to year. So, students who were grouped under the name 7AX last year, are called 8AX come September. If you are a Yacapacista, that probably means you need to change all the Yacapaca student set names around now. It’s very easy; here’s how.


Why Yacapaca?

I’ve given a talk a few times on the why of Yacapaca, but it seems a bit daft with all this technology at our disposal to go running round the country just to give a didactic presentation. So, today I finally got around to converting the ePortfolio I was using as a slideshow to a multimedia presentation. I used Flektor, a really nice online multimedia composer. Flektor is fairly new and the movie embed is still a little unreliable, but just follow this link and you’ll get to the presentation. About 7 minutes long, and maybe worth using as a starter for an INSET presentation?