Why educate?

This video about the (lack of) future of work asks a lot of questions about what your students will do, if anything, when they leave education. It offers no answers, but I would take that as an opportunity for contemplation and debate.  

My letter to the new Education Minister

Nicky MorganDear Nicky Morgan

May I add my voice to the many congratulating you on your promotion to Education Minister.

I would like to draw your attention to an unfortunate, and probably unintended, consequence of the disapplication of National Curriculum Levels by your predecessor.

The NC Levels are a national system of criterion referencing that gives English education a significant strategic advantage. The principles are Continue reading

The Ukrainian revolution. For us, it’s personal.

LeninYou may know that whilst I am based in the UK, the Yacapaca office is in Kharkov, Ukraine; currently in the news because the statue of Lenin here was uniquely not demolished after the fall of the dictator Viktor Yanukovich.

Although there has been no serious fighting here, two colleagues from local software companies were killed in the uprising in Kiev. So for the Yacapaca team, it has Continue reading

Ten years on, I admit I was wrong about Building Schools of the Future

BSF: Glass domes and Spandex suits

Remember Building Schools of the Future? It was a flagship programme by the then Labour government to put old wine into new flasks whilst carefully avoiding doing anything that might actually improve the quality of teaching and learning in English schools. I thought it was a gross misappropriation of resources, and said so exactly 10 years ago today.

About that, I was absolutely right. It turned out that Continue reading