50 new courses in Yacapaca

As you can see, many authors have been busy over the summer. I have taken a risk this time, and allowed myself to be a little critical where I feel the authors could have stretched themselves further. There is lots of good material in Yacapaca, but only a small amount that is truly great. I hope that if you are one of the authors, you will read this in the supportive spirit in which it was intended.

Quite often, all it takes to raise your game is to make Continue reading


flowolMartin Molloy from St. Paul’s School in Milton Keynes has been authoring nice stuff for a while. Here’s his latest; a couple of nice little quizzes for assessing students’ knowledge of Flowol.

Incidentally, quite a few people have authored Flowol resources in Yacapaca. If you have something you think merits inclusion in the public space – especially if it has a different flavour to Martin’s – let me know!