ePortfolio Exemplars

We’re still piloting our free ePortfolio system, but I thought you might like to see some of the work students are doing on it at the moment. These three examples, each from a different school, make great illustrations of the range of possibilities in the system. They are produced by students of different attainment levels, doing different courses, in three very different schools.

I have anonymised the names to John Smith/Jane Smith, but otherwise left them completely untouched as the students produced them. Note that only one of the three examples is actually a finished piece of work.

So here they are, specified as
Teacher: School: Task

I’ve added the download links for two reasons. First, to demonstrate one of the features of the system; you can view ePortfolios direct online, or download them to CD as some exam boards require. And second to enable you to investigate the file structure should you wish to.

My thanks, for permission to publish, to the teachers and students involved. The free ePortfolio system is available as part of Yacapaca.

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