Yacapaca update details

This weekend we completed a major update to Yacapaca. Most of it is “under the hood” stuff to help us cope with Yacapaca’s increasing popularity, but there are eight changes to the interface that you may need to know about. Here they are:

  1. Within each course, you can no longer select ‘standard’ or ‘extended’ timing. Not many people ever found that feature, so it had to go. I have split the popular ICT Baselines into two separate courses (called Standard and Extended) which achieves the same effect with less fuss.
  2. Quiz previews can now be shared in different ways – embedding, emailing to people, posting to Facebook, etc. Look for the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the preview.
  3. Written tasks are simplified to just two types: short-text test, that works just with plain text and can be set up in minutes, and ePortfolios that have fully HTML, file attachments and all the trimmings.
  4. Teachers have always been able to comment on students’ ePortfolios; now students can comment back. So you can conduct a true conversation with your students, and keep it linked directly to the content you are talking about.
  5. It is now much easier to select just the results you want in the Markbook. We have replaced the calendar-style date filter with a dropdown of actual assignment dates. You can select any combination of assignment dates; note that the “Attempts” filter only works when you select a single assignment date.
  6. Authors of Checkbox and Drag & drop questions will be delighted to know that we have finally fixed the feedback. Easier to see than explain; please just try it!
  7. The multiple-choice-cloze question type now follows the same logic as the straight multiple choice.
  8. We have an all-new Help section, with its own tab. It is written in a wiki, and you are invited to help improve it. Contact me for a login.

Teacher vs. Educator

I’m not in complete agreement with the definitions here, but I do broadly agree with the sentiments expressed. Look out for the lovely juxtaposition of the Socrates quote and the “Fire extinguisher inside building” sign.

[Update: I found one source that attributes that quote to Plutarch, and another that says it was Plato. So it looks like it was really made up by someone who sussed it would get more credence if he claimed it came from a Greek philosopher, but he was a bit inconsistent about which one. Feel free to add your own theory in the comments, if you have a credible source.]