A look back on 2009

The new blog comes with better blog stats than the old one – it’s easier to see which posts have been popular, and which not. Here are a few that seem to deserve a special mention:

Enjoy, and I hope you find them at least a little bit informative, entertaining or enraging.

New blog host, design

I have moved this blog to wordpress.com so that it gets hosted for us. In the process, I am experimenting with new designs to match the much greater focus on Yacapaca that it has now.

The old blog had become the target of regular ddos (distributed-denial-of-service) attacks which prevented normal users accessing either the blog or chalkface.com. By moving the target away from our own server, we should be able to restore a normal level of accessibility.

Please bear with me whilst I get all the chinaware unpacked in our new home.