February 2017 authoring online CPD


  • Starts Monday 27th February
  • Completely online
  • 15 minutes per day, every day for 2 weeks
  • Choose your own time of day
  • CPD certificates will be issued on successful completion
  • To apply, take the pre-test, which is open now.

The course runs through a student account on Yacapaca, which you can sign up for at the end of this post. It uses some features you will be familiar with, and some that are not available to general users.


Unsurprisingly, I teach using the same philosophy I embedded into Yacapaca. Learning is your responsibility; my job is to provide the structure. In this case that includes pointers to useful content, collaborative activities and formative assessments.


The course is asynchronous (i.e. no need for everyone to attend simultaneously) but scheduled (i.e. there are tight date constraints). It will run for 2 weeks, requiring 15 minutes per day. You can do your 15 minutes at any time of day, to suit yourself.

Course modules

Each module runs over 3 consecutive days, and requires 15 minutes per day of your time. You can log in to complete the day’s task at any time of day.

  1. Writing questions (stem and key) that address learning beyond the rote, and that deliver a reliable summative assessment.
  2. Writing distractors that support the goal of the question, and provide opportunities for further learning.
  3. Using different question types 1
  4. Using different question types 2

In addition to the core modules, I will add some extra non-assessed content each module, to cover issues, such as course compilation and grading, that have been requested by past participants.


Each course module runs over three days, and it is important you participate in each day of the module. At the start of the module, I will provide links to content you may wish to read or watch. The 15-minute activities are:

Day 1: Write a short-text response to a question.

Day 2: Compare the responses written by other course participants, and explain your reasons.

Day 3: Read and reward the peer feedback you have received.

Days 2 and 3 are where the real learning happens. Peer feedback gives you multiple perspectives on your own and other peoples’ ideas.


Summative assessment is an attribute of the system. If you are working towards author accreditation, the test I apply is “are you safe on the road?” I don’t expect instant authoring genius, but other teachers need to know that the content you create is something they can successfully use with their students.


Watch the Yacapaca screencast on the Question Creatr. This was recorded on the old interface, but the authoring app itself is still as shown here.
Read these blog posts on Yacapaca authoring. I recommend starting with this and this.
Take the pre-test. The pass mark for acceptance onto the course is 62.5% which isn’t all that high, but expect to need 2-3 attempts before you get there. The test covers concepts that are in the preparation material above, but I very deliberately do not lay it out to facilitate rote learning. You are worth more than that.

What do I do now?

Sign up here. You will be prompted to create a student account (this is separate from your Teacher account!) on Yacapaca if you do not already have one, after which you can start the pre-test. There are 100 places, of which the first 40 are reserved for those who already expressed interest.


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