Assessment Authoring CPD next date



  • Where: at your choosing; I shall be running the course remotely, through Yacapaca.
  • When: 4pm Mondays, starting 29th May for four weeks.
  • Timing: 45 minutes.
  • Cost: free.
  • Open to your whole department.
  • Successful completion will gain participants Authoring privileges in Yacapaca.
  • CPD certificate available on completion.

Who should attend

  • Existing Yacapaca authors who are ready to raise their game.
  • Yacapaca members who want to start authoring.
  • Teachers who want to deepen their understanding of assessment principles, whether they use Yacapaca or not.


Unsurprisingly, I teach using the same philosophy I embedded into Yacapaca. Learning is your responsibility; my job is to provide the structure. In this case that includes pointers to useful content, collaborative activities and formative assessments.

How does it actually work?

When you start the CPD you become a member of one single global class, working collectively to improve our skills. Using the SPA module (link) in Yacapaca, we share and debate the pedagogical issues around the different question types. There is no talking at you, just colleagues working together and applying our collective intelligence to the challenge of assessment authoring. Each week we cover one attribute of a question, or one question type. The result is a deepened understanding from which you will be able to write assessments that address issues on a deeper level, and produce more accurate summative results.

Content, by week

  1. Writing questions (stem and key) that address learning beyond the rote, and that deliver a reliable summative assessment.
  2. Writing distractors that support the goal of the question, and provide opportunities for further learning.
  3. Mastering Cloze questions
  4. Mastering Checkbox questions

In addition to the core modules, I will add some extra non-assessed content each module, to cover issues, such as course compilation and grading, that have been requested by past participants.


Summative assessment is an attribute of the system. If you are working towards author accreditation, the test I apply is “are you safe on the road?” I don’t expect instant authoring genius, but other teachers need to know that the content you create is something they can successfully use with their students.

What to do next

Sign up here. You will be prompted to create a student account (this is separate from your Teacher account!) on Yacapaca if you do not already have one, after which you can start the pre-test. You will also find links to the course materials.

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