Set homework direct from the Gradebook

Yacapaca Homeworks are different from quizzes, even quizzes that you have set to be done at home. Here’s why: Questions are automatically selected from the question bank, according to the current attainment level of each student. You control the amount of time students should spend, not the number of questions. And Yacapaca measures the time […]

Yacapaca Gradebook and Feedback

This is a guest post by Mr Chris Coleman, AST for E-Learning, Conyers School & Sixth Form College As a teacher of ICT, I am always striving to provide opportunities for students to access learning where feedback is not only summative but also personalised and formative. Over the last five years, Yacapaca has proven to […]

Tutorial 7: the Detail view

If you want a per-student, per-question, per-attempt view of your results, come to Assignments tab -> Results -> Results in Detail You will see you have the traditional traffic-light colour-coding for correct, partial and incorrect answers. Grey cells are questions that were not presented. The Yacapaca model is that each quiz is a randomised selection […]


If you are fairly new to Yacapaca, these tutorials are a great place to start. Don’t stop with these, though, use search to discover greater depth to help you create and use exactly the assessments you want for your students. Get your classes set up in seconds not minutes: how to use our Casual Student […]