Tutorial 3: The Assignments List

At the heart of the Yacapaca Teachers’ Module lies the Assignments list. This is your overview of both what your students should be doing, and what they are actually doing. It is the springboard to analytics and actions related to each assignment. Time to make friends… 1. Filter and search After you have been using […]

Now toggle quickly between the Activity Log and Detail views

Whilst running this term’s authoring CPD, I started getting really bugged that to get from the Activity Log view to the Detail view, I had to go via the Assignments page and Actions dropdown. We’ve never had a single complaint about this, so maybe it’s just me, but nevertheless, time to do something about it. So, […]

Core Processes of Yacapaca

These are some of the key processes you will use when teaching via Yacapaca. The assignment sequence The Assignments page is organised to make it easy to simply accept the defaults if they meet your needs. Here are the categories: Grade scheme This applies to the student set, and once set up you don’t need to change […]