If you are fairly new to Yacapaca, these tutorials are a great place to start. Don’t stop with these, though, use search to discover greater depth to help you create and use exactly the assessments you want for your students. Get your classes set up in seconds not minutes: how to use our Casual Student […]

Tutorial 3: The Assignments List

At the heart of the Yacapaca Teachers’ Module lies the Assignments list. This is your overview of both what your students should be doing, and what they are actually doing. It is the springboard to analytics and actions related to each assignment. Time to make friends… 1. Filter and search After you have been using […]

After the quiz: 5 brilliant tools for filling the gaps in students’ knowledge.

So your students have taken their quiz, read the feedback, got the score. What now? Most likely, you want students to fill in the gaps in their knowledge that the quiz has revealed. Here are the 5 tools we have built into Yacapaca to help them do just that. 1. Gap analysis The very simplest. […]