How to calibrate quiz percentages to levels or grades

calibrationIf you look in your gradebook for any given student set, you will see that all the results are reported in the grade scheme you chose for that set. It’s easy to take that for granted and not think about how it is achieved – at least I hope it is, because we have worked hard to make the enormous complexity of that task invisible to casual users.

Although teachers very rarely challenge the accuracy of Yacapaca results, I do occasionally get asked about their Continue reading

Introducing Question Bombs

HTML5 screenshot

We now have an astonishing 288,000 questions in the Yacapaca question bank. Many of them were written by truly talented authors and do a great job of formative assessment.

Some questions, unfortunately, weren’t. And don’t.

I have now recruited the most brutal critics on the planet to weed out the sub-standard questions: your students. Continue reading

Update to the keyword revision log

At the end of each quiz, students see an analysis of their performance against the keywords set for the questions in that quiz. They can save one keyword to their revision log, and this will then be emphasised in their revision later on.

The update is that we now only allow one keyword to be saved; previously they all could. This artificial restriction may seem Continue reading

New: Understand your whole class at a glance with quiz analysis

Being able to see every answer from every student is useful, but sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees – it’s just too much detail. For a long time, I have wanted to offer key-concept analysis of every assignment, but have stumbled on the problem of finding someone to group our 120,000+ questions into meaningful categories.

Finally, we have a solution. It’s called “crowdsourced analytics”, and I am delighted that we are launching it today. Here’s how it works…

  1. the first teacher to analyse a particular quiz enters their own analysis keywords, and groups the questions under them.
  2. every teacher who assigns that quiz to their own student has the choice of using the existing keywords, or adding their own.
  3. there is a hidden voting mechanism that will promote the most popular keywords so that over time a consensus of the most useful analysis terms will emerge.

Access quiz analytics from the Assignments page. Click on the image below to see it large enough to read.