5 new quiz skins to engage your students

Students learn better when they feel in control, even in small ways. To help, we’ve added a new dimension of freedom: quiz skins. Students can change the look and feel of their next quiz. In addition to the original red and yellow skin, we’ve 5 more, examples below.

All screenshots below from KS3 Geography revision practice by multiple authors. Colourways inspired by the Canva Blog. Students can select skins from the “Skins” tab. Don’t worry, they’ll soon find it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 16.08.57

Cherry Blossom

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It doesn't feel like Google any more

It feels like the end of an era. Google has become so dominant in our lives, that you may need reminding that when it first appeared its spartan looks were quite shocking. Now, white backgrounds are almost de rigueur. Or they were until today!

Look at this skin that just appeared on my Google Mail! There are 20-odd skins to choose from, some looking suspiciously inspired by our wilder ePortfolio themes. If you’re a Gmail user, check out Graffiti, for instance.

All of a sudden I feel vindicated in my holding out for black backgrounds!