New homepage design

I thought you’d appreciate a heads-up so you you know what your students are on about when they say “Yacapaca’s not there, sir!” Here’s a little slice of the new design.

Homepage Hero section

The intention is to highlight the core benefit of Yacapaca, which is actually very simple: it gets the annoying chore of marking out of your hair, while at the same time improving students’ results.

We’ve taken the chance to modernise the design too, with lovely new illustrations commissioned from Argentinian artist José Martín ‘Tincho’ Schmidt, and a clean responsive layout by Bootstrap.

Hope you like it!

Pingdom gives us a Top 7% performance rating

speed 2

Pingdom is a service that tests your homepage by accessing it from a remote server, and timing how long it takes each individual component to load. I tested Yacapaca from their Amsterdam server at peak time (11:33) this morning, and got the encouraging result that we are “faster than 93% of all tested websites”.

If you want to see how it is performing right now, follow this link. I’m not sure how long Pingdom keep the link valid, though. For the most relevant results, re-set the server location from the default Austin, Texas to Amsterdam.

Pingdom only tests the homepage. To see current quiz load times, check our Twitter Feed.