Control the size of each quiz when you assign

Every Yacapaca quiz draws questions in random order from an underlying question bank. It may draw all the questions available, or only a subset. Until now that decision was made by the author, but from today it is made at the point of assigning.

Here is where to find the control:

Show questions

By default, 10 questions will be shown unless there are fewer than that in the question bank. If you override that default, your new value will be remembered as your personal default.

If you are setting a multi-quiz assignment, the most questions you can show per quiz is the maximum of the shortest question bank used. This way all quizzes assigned in one go will always be the same size, improving predictability for students. In the unlikely event this is a problem, remove the shortest quiz from the assignment and assign it separately.

Learn more about this feature here.

Power authors: make your Author Group questions work in Quiz Builder


Zach Ishani

I have been in conversation over the past week or so with Zach Ishani from Royal Wootton Bassett Academy,¬†Yacapaca’s #17-ranked author. Zach is in the middle of a big authoring project at the moment, and he needs to get up to speed as fast as possible with Quiz Builder.

Zach’s problem is that Continue reading