Ten years on, I admit I was wrong about Building Schools of the Future

Remember Building Schools of the Future? It was a flagship programme by the then Labour government to put old wine into new flasks whilst carefully avoiding doing anything that might actually improve the quality of teaching and learning in English schools. I thought it was a gross misappropriation of resources, and said so exactly 10 years ago today.

About that, I was absolutely right. It turned out that Continue reading

Good riddance to “Building Schools of the Future”

So the Schools of the Future building programme has its head on the block. Good. It was a total misallocation of educational funds, that actually aimed to build 19th Century schools dressed up to look vaguely modern. Like a horse and cart with go-faster stripes. The really frustrating thing is that the real educational needs of the 21st Century could have been addressed for a small proportion of what has already been spent. For reference, the total cost of building Yacapaca has been of the order of 70p per registered member.

I have been kicking this idiotic programme since 2004. If you are interested in my view of why it would have been actively bad for the nation’s children, you could read:

Update: the axe has fallen. Here’s the list, from the Grauniad.