How Saltash Community School uses Yacapaca to support DIRT lessons

I had the privilege last week to interview Rachael Broad, HoD Computer Science at Saltash Community School in Cornwall. Rachael is a Yacapaca power user and our #19-ranked author.

Rachael has a very clear articulation of how she uses Yacapaca. In her own words:

  • Show clear gaps in knowledge (class based and individual student).
  • Support DIRT (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time) work and instant feedback.
  • Parental communication.

Here are the highlights of the complete interview (3’30”)

Rachael very kindly shared with me the slides she used to explain the process to her SLT, when she wanted to get them on board with the concept.

View the slides here.

Thanks Rachael! I hugely enjoyed interviewing you and learned a great deal in the process.

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Creative Commons Video

Out of 35,000 registered teachers on Yacapaca, I only have direct evidence that precisely one has actually read our Terms of Service.

He pointed out that our use of the Creative Commons license for all teacher-created content imposes responsibilities, as well as rights, on the author. Quite true. So just in case anyone else is interested in this, here’s a short video about it.

Discovered via Ellen Trude, whom I met on Twitter.