How to improve the quality of your quiz

Where a particular quiz appears in the search rankings depends on a combination of relevance to the search and quality. If you improve the quality, your quiz will rise up the search rankings.

1. Here is where to see the quality ranking. Note that although we show popularity, it does not affect ranking.



2. Click the Edit button. You only see this button for your own quizzes. This takes you to the statistics/edit page.

Now scan down the list of questions. Quality varies from question to question. You will get the quickest results by focusing on the lowest-quality questions. Here is where to see the quality metric:

quality 2

Now click Edit to edit the question. Here are some common errors that drag down quality:

  • Images are fuzzy. Find a higher-resolution version of the image you need.
  • One option is not pulling its weight. Typically, it is a ‘funny’ that is obviously wrong. Result: the summative value of the question is undermined.
  • There are no feedback statements.
  • There are feedback statements, but they are not formative. Here’s how to write great formative feedback.
  • The question is poorly-tagged.

When you have updated the question click done.

When you have updated all your questions, you must recompile the quiz…


…then wait 24 hours for it reappear in the listings, hopefully with a higher quality rating.

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