The Game of Education


Donald Clark is a reliably controversial blogger but a post last month took the biscuit. Based on some recently-published research that cast doubt on the claims of “brain training” software to produce learning that will generalise to other contexts, he concludes that “Gamification does NOT work!” in education. This is like finding a broken-down rickshaw and concluding that Continue reading

Online assessments are everywhere (except here)


Following on from my rant about paper-based exams, Ty Goddard  of EdTech UK asked me for some current examples of online assessment. Spoiled for choice! Although I could find no country that bases its end-of-school qualification entirely on an online process, there is a quite astonishing range of online solutions to different assessment problems. Here are just Continue reading

General Data Protection Regulation compliance update

GDPRFrom May 2018 the Data Protection Act is superseded by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , which is a significantly-stricter regime to protect personal information online. I have recently completed our GDPR review.

The two critical changes are

Continue reading

What bang are we getting from our PhD buck?

In the early years of the Space Race, it was discovered that ordinary pens do not work in zero gravity. NASA spent 2 years and millions of dollars developing an incredible ‘space pen’ that incorporated a tiny pump. Meanwhile, Soviet cosmonauts took pencils. 

Maybe you have seen this infographic from the World Economic Forum (citing this OECD report) showing that Continue reading