How I plan to improve Revision Access

We launched the Revision Access system later in the term than I would have liked, but now that it’s up and running there is finally some user data to start garnering insights from. It’s certainly working; the log shows students revising through the half term, some of them with considerable diligence. However, I see some problems that […]

Don’t flip the classroom – flip the whole school!

The idea behind ‘flipping the classroom’ is to video your didactic presentations and have the students watch them at home via YouTube or similar. It’s a great idea: research has shown that video leads to greater recall because students can pause, rewind, etc over bits they did not get the first time. What can be […]

Turn quizzes into complete lessons using embeds

If you fancy extending your authoring skills over the holiday, check out Yacapaca’s list of permitted embeds, which I have just updated.

Author Kevin O’Driscoll has produced some great exemplar material combining video with quizzes. Try his course AIMS practice: Strand 1: Number Sense to get Continue reading “Turn quizzes into complete lessons using embeds”

Justin Bieber brings elearing into your classroom, even if you don’t have computers

Three years ago, I predicted that the iPhone, and phones like it, would soon become everyday educational tools. Where are we up to with that? Having spotted this on the Orange website, I’d say we are now only a year away. If Justin Bieber is endorsing a phone, then it must be cheap enough to […]