Tutorial 1: Fast student setup

Nomenclature: throughout Yacapaca we use the term “student sets” rather “classes” to encourage the idea that you are no longer limited by the four walls of a classroom. Any student may simultaneously be a member of a whole-year cohort, a class or a smaller group. Group your students in whatever way makes sense at the time.

‘Formal’ vs. ‘casual’ student sets

Do you have a spreadsheet with your students names, classes, admission number, etc?

  • Yes? Excellent! You should import these into “Formal” student sets. Formal sets are preferable when you can set them up, but they are not the subject of this tutorial.
  • No? Not to worry. Create “Casual” student sets and let students sign themselves up to Continue reading “Tutorial 1: Fast student setup”

First ever 7th Dan badge winner

7 Dan Student

My heartfelt congratulations to┬áRohan Chaurasia at Bangkok Patana School for becoming the first student ever to receive a 7 Dan Yacapaca badge. If you have watched your students earn their White Belt in a day and their Orange Belt in two days, you may not Continue reading “First ever 7th Dan badge winner”

New avatar lapel badges

From today, your students will be able to earn new lapel badges on Yacapaca – if they work hard enough. We had a fantastic response to the original badge system. I was amazed and delighted to hear about schools building entire assemblies around the presentation of Yacapaca badges, so of course that motivated me to extend the system.

AVATAR-_final-white-_happyAVATAR-_final-blue-_happyAVATAR-_final-1stDan-_happy Continue reading “New avatar lapel badges”

If you have spotted old student sets disappearing, here’s why

Since last October, we’ve been having what amounts to the most gigantic spring clean. Noticing that some teachers were re-uploading the same group of students each time they wanted to assign work (slap wrist!) we started cautiously de-duplicating the student list. And we went very cautiously; many schools have two or more students of the same name, so we took the approach that if there was any ambiguity at all, we would not de-duplicate.

And it worked well. Over two months, we better than Continue reading “If you have spotted old student sets disappearing, here’s why”