Marketing Consultants

The other day a friend asked me what “ROFL” meant. It’s IM-speak for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing” and I’ve just found a great place to use it.

One of the more dubious privileges of running a business is that you meet quite a lot of marketing consultants who patronise you about your website/mailshots/adverts/blog and tell you that they could do so much better for a very reasonable £1,200/day plus expenses. From now on I shall tell them I’m about to sign with Huh? Corporation and see how many think to research the competition…

In point of fact, we are getting the website redesigned at the moment, but not by Huh. It’s being done by a very talented young man in Bodrum, Turkey, called Hakan Akyuz. We’re not quite ready to show off the new site yet, but here’s a peek at some of Hakan’s earlier work.

(Huh? via the Edubloggers Links Feed)


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