Yacapaca authoring really is free

I received an email from Luke Day of Charles Burrell High School in Thetford today. He said

I have ceased using yacapaca because I…was faced with the end of my free membership. I had been keen on authoring my own materials and did produce a couple of tests, but as I understand it I would have to pay even to use self-produced materials. Is this correct? I wasn’t willing to continue authoring if I only committed to more spending each time I wanted to reuse them. Can you please clarify?

To clarify: the Chalkface employee who let this misapprehension take root should be taken out and shot, and would be, except that unfortunately that person was me. No; if you author Yacapaca assessments, we won’t charge you for using them.

The miscommunication was particularly galling in Luke’s case, because I’d already spotted that he’s written some rather nice tests for French. They’re not quite publishable quality yet, but with a bit of work they could be. So other teachers could be benefiting from Luke’s hard work. What’s more, far from having to pay, Luke could actually be earning from his efforts.


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One response to “Yacapaca authoring really is free”

  1. Ian – I think that is very magnanimous of yu. Too many people would not have ‘owned up’ publicly as you have done. Clearly Yacapaca has much to offer schools and the notion of teacher-authored content being shared amonst other schools is one for which you deserve great praise. What a shame this teacher got the wrong end of the stick.

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