Happy Birthday

It’s Yacapaca’s birthday, exactly two years since we started the project. And, according to Sergej, we shall today make our 1000th ‘commit’ (update) to the software itself. That’s not quite 1000 improvements because it includes all the original development effort, but it’s close.

What’s both fascinating and cheering is not just how it’s grown, but how fast it is growing now. I last reported student numbers at 100,000 on 21st May; today they will hit 125,000. That’s 25% growth in just two months; the fastest growth rate in Yacapaca’s history.

From anecdotal evidence, what underlies the growth spurt is that the system is now strong enough for teachers to confidently recommend it to colleagues as the best place to create and run their own assessments.

Credit for the quality of the software goes entirely to the simply amazing development team in Kharkov.


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