Applied GCSEs Update

The Applied GCSEs in Business and ICT were a huge hit when we introduced them 2002. Recently, they have languished somewhat as they have moved from the old Paperless School platform to Yacapaca. Now, the move is complete, and I’d like to update you with the resultant changes:


Price reduction
I have reduced the cost from £25.00 per student to just £9.95 per student. The development costs are all paid off, and I would rather see the two courses continue to be used than worry about squeezing the last drop of profit out of them. The photocopy master course packs will now be sold separately.

Find the courses on Yacapaca (requires login)

Which versions to use
The Paperless School version will be discontinued over the Summer Hols. If you are locked into that and not experiencing problems, there is no reason to change until then.

The ePortfolio Pilot Project is being wound up now, but tasks assigned within it are quite safe until August. If you are already delivering through Yacapaca, I recommend you move to the integrated tasks right away; they simply work better, and have much easier marking.

Business Encyclopedia Glossary…
…is finally fixed. In the end we did the decent thing and rewrote the program from scratch.

The message board…
…has been permanently scrapped. That is one feature that never lived up to expectations.

Access controls
I am determined to keep everthing on Yacapaca absolutely free, which means that access to the course activities is free. We do still need to charge something for these courses, so to controll access we are putting password protection on the Business and ICT Encyclopedias. If you are a current customer, you will shortly be receiving an email with your password details for this.


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