Addictive messages

Message bloc

After much nagging from members, we’ve finally introduced messaging into Yacapaca. An unaticipated consequence is that my productivity has fallen almost to zero. Watching users’ posts tick in is hypnotically addictive. It doesn’t help that I can overview, list , sort and select them using the site admin tools. Info junkie that I am, I’m now mainlining the self-introductions, questions and suggestions of teachers from across the English-speaking world.

And it’s going to get worse. Sergej’s clever messaging engine allows us to attach messages to almost any object in the database. We already have a discussion area for each support group, and one for each authoring group. In principle, we could attach one to every course, quiz, task, question, teacher, student, assignment… even with that list, I think I’ve missed some. Fortunately for my sanity, not all of those would be used or desired by users – but some of them will be really beneficial to our growing community, and now the core software is written, they are relatively easy to implement.

Which leaves me at serious risk of overdose.


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