Why Yacapaca?

I’ve given a talk a few times on the why of Yacapaca, but it seems a bit daft with all this technology at our disposal to go running round the country just to give a didactic presentation. So, today I finally got around to converting the ePortfolio I was using as a slideshow to a multimedia presentation. I used Flektor, a really nice online multimedia composer. Flektor is fairly new and the movie embed is still a little unreliable, but just follow this link and you’ll get to the presentation. About 7 minutes long, and maybe worth using as a starter for an INSET presentation?


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2 responses to “Why Yacapaca?”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Royce. In this case I was using our eportfolio system to structure a powerpoint-style presentation. All it was (is, it’s still there in my Yacapaca student account) was a series of images, over which I talked. If you are familiar with Yacapaca eportfolios, you will know that they come with a variety of skins. One of the skins is very plain and designed specifically to support the traditional linear ‘slide+talk’ live presentation. So in Flektor, I simply took those images, in the same sequence, and recorded a voice presentation over them. A few special effects polished it up quite nicely. For a first attempt, I’m pleased with the result.

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