Big numbers

It has been quite a chuffing weekend, numbers-wise.

  • On Friday, Yacapaca hit the half-million member milestone. That’s up from 150,000 last September, and 10,000 the September before.
  • Then this morning, a single assessment (the ICT Baselines) passed one million tests served. The actual numbers this evening are 1,016,037 tests completed by 165,559 students – just over six tests per student, which suggests most teachers are following the assessment prescription.
  • And this evening, I see that over 500 different schools  have been logged on today.  That is the first time we have broken the 500 barrier.

I should give credit where it is due. Yacapaca’s phenomenal growth is largely down to a small group of teachers who saw its potential, and started creating tests, quizzes and other assessments that were good enough that everyone else wanted to use them. If you’re a Yacapaca member, why not feast your eyes on some of the best of this user-created content?


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2 responses to “Big numbers”

  1. Congratulations! Technology as good as this will always rise to the surface and attract a large number of users. I look forward to watching future developments 😉

  2. I have only recently discovered Yacapaca and as I work in a PRU it is a fantastic tool for us to use. The pupils LOVE it which is most unusual as they dont see it as work in any shape or form but just a game to try and beat their last score. I can therefore demonstrate progress. Wonderful !

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