Lots (and lots!) of new content in Yacapaca

If you are a Yacapaca author you will know about this already; if not, you are in for a treat. After procrastinating for a full year, I have finally done the decent thing and allowed any teacher to make their own Yacapaca content public. The result is that we now have an astonishing 554 courses available to use, across a big range of subjects.

In ICT alone there are 189 courses, ranging from the well-known KS3 Baseline assessments to a whole course on Java programming. Of course ICT is best-represented, but the main subjects all have a lot to offer:

But it’s not all mainstream. One of the great delights of Yacapaca for me is the way people are using it to create courses in real niche subjects:

…and my favourite: Judo! Just look at this fantastic quiz on hold-downs. Great use of images and extremely well-written formative feedback.

If you want to find your own favourites, don’t just look at the subject categories. Use the search, and see what else is hiding in there to delight you and assess your students!


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8 responses to “Lots (and lots!) of new content in Yacapaca”

  1. My class really enjoy using Yacapaca, but I wish there was more available, across the curriculum, for the upper primary level.

  2. Tried the algebra questions some are very good . A few have signs missing so they can’t be done!! Could anyone correct this?

  3. Tried the Latin personal pronoun quiz and found a mistake in question 4 (answer should be quarum genitive plural, not cuius genitive singular). If the author of the quiz reads this, please correct it! It’s a very useful quiz and I would like my students to do it, but wouldn’t want them to learn errors…

  4. Thanks for the positive comments. When you find an error, the best thing is to join the authoring group and fix it – often quicker than trying to contact the author. This does have limitations – some groups are private, for example – but it’s definitely your first recourse.

    There is so much still to do in Yacapaca. The speed at which we do it is largely down to the number of teachers actively involved. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the step of commenting here – thank you! – and I hope to see you active in the authoring community soon, too.

  5. As a trainee teacher working in alternative curriculum I have found Yacapaca an excellent resource-the new stuff on formative assessment couldn’t have come at a better time, so thanks to all contributors!

  6. A judo yacpaca has made my day. I can set homework from my judo club, that will help them grade.Brill

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