Assessment authoring masterclass

Would you like to attend a masterclass in Yacapaca authoring? This term, I’m planning to get together no more than 20 Yacapaca authors, for a whole day, here in Cambridge. We will get into some of the deep details and hidden features of the system.

Here is the programme so far. Because it is only a small group, I should be able to mung this around according to participants’ wishes.

Questions, Quizzes & MC surveys

  • mastering the 6 question types
  • incorporating sound (new feature!)
  • writing better formative feedback
  • quiz weighting
  • tagging for analysis
  • bulk tagging
  • writing ‘clean’ questions that don’t lead the student
  • advanced scoring

Free-text tasks (from short-text tests to ePortfolios)

  • developing markschemes
  • extending questions with HTML
  • setting parameters to create new task types
  • speed marking tricks (including hidden features)

Constructing complete courses

  • weighting assessments
  • threshold tests vs. weighted tests
  • converting percentages to grades (the notorious Grade Grid)
  • creating courses for public use

One last thing. The group won’t be open to everybody. You have to satisfy me that you have basic Yacapaca authoring experience first. I’m really looking forward to working with a roomful of teachers who know their way around the system and are focused on achieving pedagogical excellence.


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3 responses to “Assessment authoring masterclass”

  1. Really looking forward to the workshop, but the idea of contributing to pedagogical excellence is DEEPLY scarey!!!!

  2. Really looking forward to this – been wanting to get my head around a lot more of the things you suggest you will cover having someone to show you immediately (well almost) will be great – hope that I make the grade.

  3. Have had training, and have got to grips with pictures into questions and authoring but want to take it forward starting in a school with mathematics and computing specialism but the ICT needs more work

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