1000 e-learning authors on Yacapaca

Yesterday we hit another milestone: 1000 authors on Yacapaca. By this measure, we must surely now be the largest educational publisher in the UK and possibly the Western world, which is quite cool to contemplate.

I’ve just been going through the stats and found some interesting data:

  • 415 authors have created at least 10 items (an item can be as small as one question).
  • The top author has created 1184 items.
  • The average author has 360 students on the system (the non-author average is 30).
  • 3.6% of all teachers on Yacapaca are authors.
  • 25% of active teachers are authors.

So now you see why I’m happy to subsidise author training? The Yacapaca authors are the engine of our success.Thank you, guys!



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