50 new courses in Yacapaca

As you can see, many authors have been busy over the summer. I have taken a risk this time, and allowed myself to be a little critical where I feel the authors could have stretched themselves further. There is lots of good material in Yacapaca, but only a small amount that is truly great. I hope that if you are one of the authors, you will read this in the supportive spirit in which it was intended.

Quite often, all it takes to raise your game is to make sure your course has a title and description that will give other teachers clear pointers as to how to use it.

  • Biology Common Entrance 13+ Biology
    This section of the independent schools’ Common Entrance 13+ covers the five biology topics of Cells & Cell Functions, Humans as Organisms, Green Plants as Organisms, Variation, Classification & Inheritance and Living Things in their Environment
  • Business Production – end of unit test
    A 12-question quiz on production, and a short assignment to give definitions and examples of the 3 main methods of production.
  • Chemistry Year 9 Periodic Table
    Three quizzes on the Periodic Table for Year 9 students to prepare them for the first topic in Edexcel 360 Science in Year 10.
  • Chemistry Year 8 Chemistry Revision Key Terms
    One quiz on key terms, with well-written feedback at the end. There is a quiz of the same title in the Year 9 course above; I have not checked to see if they are actually identical or not.
  • D&T (Northern Ireland Syllabus)
    There is a fantastic body of work here that deserves a wide audience. I would really love it if the authors would get together and come up with a consistent naming scheme to help the rest of us find our way around it.

    • D&T J1 DT
      J1 Assessments and Exams
    • D&T J2 DT
      J2 Assessments and Exams
    • D&T J3 DT
      J3 Assessments and Tests
    • D&T design and technology
      A quiz on resistant materials
    • D&T Yr9
      A resistant materials quiz
    • D&T ICTECHYear9
      Art Deco Clock project ePortfolio template.
    • D&T St. Mark’s High School
      Quizzes about tools
    • D&T Technology
      Two quizzes for a pull-along toy project.
    • D&T Design and technology
      Some extremely long resistant materials quizzes
    • D&T Technology
      Extremely long resistant materials quizzes. Be sure to only set to students with very reliable internet connections and strong bladders.
    • D&T 2D Design
      Two-dimensional design.
    • D&T Year 7 Exam
      End of year exam for KMS students.  Food and wood questions.
  • Drama Witchcraft and persecution 3 – GCSE
    More excellent stuff from the pen of Gill Chesney-Green. If you are a Drama teacher, and you have not tried any of Gill’s materials, you are missing a treat.
  • Electronics Homework Year 10
    Notwithstanding the rather misleading title, a couple of good quizzes on Electronics.
  • English Writer’s Workshop 1
    This course teaches students how to use journal writing to create an a poem, story, or essay. I greatly admire the way that American schools teach English (Language Arts in the argot). Gale Sperry, the author of these assessments, is a true exponent of the art.
  • Health and Social Care Unit 22 – Research
    Unfortunately I have no idea what this is Unit 22 of. If anyone can enlighten me, I will be delighted to update the record.
  • ICT GCSE Internet and Web design
    I know I promised no more ICT quizzes, but actually we don’t have many on web design and this is a good start. I would love to see it developed further.
  • ICT (Northern Ireland curriculum) Revised Curriculum Using ICT
    This is an eportfolio setup to address the 5Es.  Students will demonstrate how they have addressed each with accompanying sample work.
  • ICT (DiDA) Dance O Clock
    20 Questions to test student knowledge of the 2007 Unit1 level 2 project brief for DiDA.
  • ICT Year 8 Exam
    ePortfolio on website design. You cannot actually use this unmodified because it refers to a file on the authors’ own server. I include it because it is good in other respects, and may inspire you to create your own ePortfolio tasks.
  • ICT Year 7 Survey
    Generally-applicable surveys for Year 7 ICT students, in two contrasting approaches – multiple choice and short-text. Why not try both, and see which produces the most useful data for you?
  • ICT Internet Safety Survey
    A timely survey on a fashionable topic.
  • ICT Unit 20 – Animation for the web
    A nice, simple eportfolio for a Flash web animation project.
  • ICT Unit 4 – Multimedia
    A set of three ePortfolios to guide students working on a multimedia project. With just a little more work this will be a really complete teaching resource.
  • ICT Downloadable Tunes
    An ePortfolio for the OCR ICT Nationals course Downloadable Tunes
  • ICT GCSE Year 11
    Short-text tests with exemplary markschemes.
  • INSET Primary Teacher Training
    from the Birmingham Advisory Support Services GTP group.
  • INSET Whs Staff Questionnaires 2008
    Staff surveys covering AfL, Behaviour, Attitude, Curriculum, Environment and Wellbeing. The surveys are very straightforward and would work in almost any school.
  • Maths Quadratic equations
    15-question quiz on quadratic equations.
  • Physics Year 7 Physics
    A mixed bag of questions on electronics, astronomy and other stuff. It has the feeling of being a work-in-progress, if I’m to be honest.
  • Physics Year 10 physics
    Quiz with mainly astronomy questions.
  • PSHE Healthy Schools survey
    Multiple choice survey gives a quick snapshot of how healthy your school is, from the students’ perspective.
  • PSHE Year 7 Surveys
    Does age affect method of travel to school? A simple survey with just two questions. The quickest imaginable way to gather statistical data about students’ travel to school.
  • PSHE Library and Research Skills
    Does what it says on the tin.
  • RE Sikhism
    Some really good questions in here, though it’s in need of an edit. I recommend you apply to join the authoring group, edit the questions and compile your own quiz. Has great potential.
  • Science KS3 – Eureka – Year 7
    Activities for Year 7 based on the Eureka scheme of Work
  • Science Year 10 Chemistry
    A series of quizzes aimed at a low ability Y10 Set undertaking the AQA Science GCSE Course
  • Science Year 7 Chemistry
    Chemistry quizzes based around the National Curriculum chemistry topics
  • Science Rocket Challenge
    An evaluation form for a Rocket Challenge.
  • Survey BHS
    An Andrex survey (strong, but very, very long) of students’ attitudes to learning. The questions are all generic and will apply equally to any school.
  • TEFL EAL Level 5 Apostrophe
    Practice drill for correct use of apostrophes.
  • Thinking Skills Learning Skills
    A generally sound student voice survey. It’s utility is slightly reduced by the starter screen making it specific to St. Augustine’s School, but once you get past that, it’s sound.


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