New resources for October

My favourite course this month is GCSE Spanish Vocabulary by Nick Verney at Standish Community High School, for the marvellous variety of question styles and excellent use of sound. Try this quiz on adjectives to get a flavour.

A selection of the newest courses below. If setting any of these for your students, please remember Yacapaca etiquette: offer concise and constructive feedback when asked.

  1. BCS BCS coursework
    Portfolio for Business & Communication Systems (BCS) coursework, linked to the King’s High School course for the OCR syllabus.
  2. BCS Conyers GCSE BCS
    A sequence of 8 quizzes for Business and Communications Systems. If the author provides some information about the syllabus or materials they link to, they will be really useful.
  3. Biology Biology (AQA B1)
    Tests for B1a and B1b, to be extended in due course.
  4. Biology Intermediate One
    Intermediate One (Scotland)
  5. Biology KS3 Biology
    Quizzes on respiration, and food & digestion
  6. Business Business Studies
    GCSE ICAA Business Studies for year 10 and 11 student. Robert May’s School in Hampshire.
  7. Business OCR Business Studies GCSE
    A very exciting project designed to complement the Teaching Business website and its materials.
  8. Chemistry AQA Additional Science Y11
    AQA Y11 course by topic
  9. Chemistry Chemistry (AQA C1)
    AQA C1 Chemistry course.
  10. French French Comprehension
    A five-question comprehension exercise, with the questions in English.
  11. ICT AS ICT
    Five short-text tests with well-written markschemes.
  12. ICT Network Management
    One quiz on network management, designed for the BTEC National Diploma in IT.
  13. ICT Web Design
    Web Design covering topics of best design practices, and tools to asist you in your design.  Questions in HTML, XHTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP
  14. Literature (English) Beowulf
    The same quiz offered in two different formats:
    • Beowulf and His Adventures has feedback after each question.
    • Beowulf’s adventures puts all the feedback to the end
  15. Literature (American) To Kill a Mockingbird
    These three short quizzes cover the whole book and will give you an excellent snapshot of your students’ understanding of the work.
  16. Literature Greek Mythology
    Quizzes based on the text Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton. We do two separate units. The “mythology unit” is the portion taught in class and covers the Olympians, some minor gods, the creation myths, Hades, Hercules, and the
  17. Physics AQA AS Physics
    This is for students of AQA (A) AS Level Physics
  18. Physics AQA P1a Energy and elctricity
    Quizzes for the year 10 course P1a Energy and Electricity
  19. Physics AQA P2 Electricity
    Four quizzes on electricity, and a general survey on attitudes to homework
  20. Trivia Tutor time
    “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” done Yacapaca style. Kids seem to love it.


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