Bye bye PSP

0.005% of Yacapaca users run quizzes on the Sony PSP. That is not enough to justify the additional complexity in the user interface for everyone else, so as of today the PSP quiz template is no longer available. We will migrate all the old PSP quizzes to the Flash 10 templates very soon.

This does not mean we are giving up on mobile platforms forever. I am particularly taken with Android as a platform that makes huge sense in the third world especially, so look out for new excuses to buy cool gadgets in future.


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One response to “Bye bye PSP”

  1. Interesting this – I recall when PSPs were being pushed a couple of years ago. Of course, it isn’t really “Bye bye PSP” is it? It is more “Bye bye PSP until you get up to date Flash support.” If they ever get the most up to date Flash players supported, Yacapaca will be completely usable again.

    Android does indeed look like a viable direction – especially as Adobe have got Flash working with the platform.

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