Teacher-created content just gets better and better

If I had to pick one favourite from this month’s new courses, it would be Heidi Watkins’ very visual quiz on Maslow’s Hierarchy. But what characterises all of these new courses is their level of sophistication. Very graphic quizzes, high-quality formative feedback and thorough documentation are all in evidence.

Here are my top 9 picks, listed by subject.

Subject Title Author Description
UK Biology Biology GCSE Nicola Fergurson at Okehampton College A thorough set of 5 quizzes for OCR Gateway, standard and higher tier. The questions are well written, though as they lack feedback, this is purely summative assessment.
UK Business Cert. in Financial Studies U2 James Percival at Turin Grove School I really enjoyed trialling these 7 summative quizzes from the CeFS course, which I had not heard of before. Highly commended.
UK Business Human Resources Heidi Watkins at King Charles 1 School Try the quiz on Maslow – it’s beautifully done!
AUS Business Health and Safety in the Workplace John Crawley from the Chisholm Institute This set of tasks supports part of the Australian Diploma in Business. The tasks themselves form a straightforward framework in which the author has slotted some very comprehensive documentation.
UK German German Grammar Practice Alastair McCullough at the Methodist College, Belfast How frustrating. I scored only 40% on Endings. 7 well-structured quizzes, though the naming convention is a little hard to follow.
UK ICT 7.3 Healthy Living Anon What I really like about these four ePortfolio tasks is that the author has built in all the documentation, including lesson plans. A very sophisticated resource.
USA Literacy Literacy Chris Reall at Roanoke City Public Schools, Virginia Check out ‘Organising Ideas’ to get a feel of the style. Fingers crossed Chris will add some more to this excellent beginning.
UK Physics AQA Physics P1 & P2 Ralph Holmes at Langle School Ralph has further extended and reorganised his award-winning Physics course to include regular revision quizzes as well as topics. The structured route to better exam results.
UK Science How Science Works Jeremy Reading at Presdales School These three short quizzes on the scientific method are some of the best Science resources on Yacapaca, in my opinion. The questions are well-written with good, formative feedback that challenges the students to think more deeply.


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