Competition: create a Yacapaca quiz using all six question types

No sooner had I announced the result of the “textbook mode” contest, than Apple brought out their unbearably cool new new iPod Shuffle. So I decided to offer you something to keep Yacapaca authors busy and amused over Easter.

Entry Rules

You must create a quiz with:

  1. Minimum 6 questions
  2. Use at least one question for each question type (Choose-one, Checkbox, Cloze, Multiple-chose cloze, Locate, Drag & Drop).
  3. Last date of entry is April 20th. Email Yacapaca support to let us know your quiz is ready.

Judging rules.

The judges will be a panel of experienced Yacapaca users and authors. They will judge your quiz on:

  1. Appropriateness of question type to the question.
  2. Overall value as a formative assessment.




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4 responses to “Competition: create a Yacapaca quiz using all six question types”

  1. Not sure that you can access the pre-test instructions from this url but if not my entry for the competition is contained in the course AQA GCSE History – USA 4 – New Deal and is called USA – Alphabet Agencies Challenge.

  2. Please when can we expect the results of the Yacapaca Quiz Competition with 6 question types? Or have I managed to miss this being announced?

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