"Six Question Types" competition winner

Here it is! Recognising tenses – a last-minute approach is part of the course GCSE Spanish vocab part 3 by Nick Verney of Standish Community High School.

[preview got lost in an update, sorry!]

Here is why Nick won

The judges were by no means unanimous; each of the entries seems to have caught someone’s fancy. But Nick scored highly with three of the four judges. A couple of their comments give a flavour:

clever to use the “whiteboard” picture of terms as a location exercise – simple, effective, and introduced colour and variety into what could have been a dull question.

Martin Molloy

Very clear. Variety of question types to keep interest. Felt I learned loads (and I’m a linguist!). Especially liked the use of the “location” type to locate a word.

Katharine Wright

The judging panel

Huge thanks for the hard work and difficult decision-making to:

  • Dawn Cox, Orwell High School, Suffolk.
  • Katharine Wright, Colonel Frank Seely School, Notts.
  • Mark Ricketts, St. Luke’s C of E School, Portsmouth.
  • Martin Molloy, St. Paul’s School, Milton Kenyes.

The full list of entrants

You can view (and use!) all 11 entries here.

This was the original competition brief. Which is your favourite, and why?


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8 responses to “"Six Question Types" competition winner”

  1. That is a lovely idea, putting notes in Powerpoint before the quiz. I liked the mix of sound/non-sound questions too. I can see why you won, Nick, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Nick, you work is exceptionally good and deserves this award. Teaching languages is a long way from my comfort zone, but I like the use of question styles. It has also prompted me to have another play with Google doc’s Presentation.

    I would also like to pass on my best wishes to the other entrants; having viewed the other entries I have many more ideas that I can use with my own students.

  3. Both the test and presentation reflect the fact that language teachers are increasingly forced to teach how to pass the test, as well as teaching the language in question.

    This is, nevertheless, a well thought out presentation and test. Well done, a deserving winner!


  4. Well done Nick! A really excellent quiz. Hope you won’t mind if I use some of the ideas and apply to my French courses? Can I also ask you where you get the audio files from. Are they recorded especially? Have you used any commercial material ever? I am worried about copyright and what the legal position is with Yacapaca. Also how do you include the powerpoint instructions with the quiz?
    Hope to hear from you

  5. My congratulations to Nick! Excellent job!

    i was cheering up for Age of Piracy by Harold Liberty though 🙂

  6. Firstly, thankyou for all the comments about the quiz – I was pretty pleased with it and am over the moon I’ve won! Secondly, you are right Jose, it is a pretty fair reflection on the things we language teachers do to try and squeeze a few more marks out of our pupils in the run-up to their exams. Interestingly I have found this quiz to really work ; my pupils who have done the quiz have suddenly shown a far greater ability in recognising tenses than they ever did before… Don’t know what that says about my teaching mind!
    Finally, in reply to Martin, feel free to steal any of the ideas there are in there. The sound files on this one are my own. I just recorded them using audacity and then uploaded them. The same applies to all of the quizzes in my Spanish vocab courses, though many of the files were recorded by our mexican assistant. If you are interested in working together on a French version Martin drop me a line as our French assistant has already recorded the majority of the same vocab but in French. As for including powerpoint instructions with the quiz I think Ian put together an excellent screencast recently about it which I am sure you can find somewhere on here. I made mine on google apps and then just used the embed code from it.
    Saludos a todos los yacapaquistas,

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