Giant quizzes: just don't

Here’s a question I get asked a lot:

How can I create a quiz with more than 100 questions in it?

Answer: don’t.

100 questions is your limit, but I recommend you make quizzes much shorter than this. Here is why:

  • A typical quiz cycle is based on 1 minute per question. Very few children or teenagers can sustain the total concentration required for more than 20 minutes before they need at least a couple of minutes’ break.
  • If anything goes wrong, all marks for the quiz are lost. For a 10-question quiz, kids will moan but get over it. But for 100 questions? Crushing.

My recommendation is to cut your questions into groups and make quizzes that will take max 20 minutes each. Put all the quizzes together in one course, and it is easy to assign them all at once. Now, students can still take them in sequence, getting a short break between each.


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2 responses to “Giant quizzes: just don't”

  1. I made a really successful one with about 40 questions in, but I would say many more and it would be too much. I had problems selecting the questions I had already made (it was a revision quiz) as they ran onto more than one page on the authoring tab, so Victoria came up with the neat suggestion of tagging all the ones I wanted with a giant quiz tag and then filtering via that tag. Worked a treat.

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