Drugs education: science vs. orthodoxy


When Galileo challenged religious orthodoxy with science, he was shown the rack. When Prof. David Nutt did it, he was merely shown the door. So that’s progress then.

I don’t normally use this blog to promote Chalkface products, but I think I might be permitted a small boast on this occasion. We have by policy always produced drug-education materials that educate in a balanced way that respects your students’ intelligence and does not fall for the government’s Daily Mail-inspired hysteria. See for yourself.


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One response to “Drugs education: science vs. orthodoxy”

  1. What on earth has the David Nutt story to do with religious orthodoxy?

    He has fallen foul of a government led by a failed Presbyterian (OK, he’s the son of a minister, but when was the last time he went to church?) and dominated by the extremely non-religious Mandelsonians. I don’t see that we Christians can be held at all accountable this time.

    Or is this just an example of the lazy Dawkins/Harris/Hitchens way of automatically equating all things reactionary with all things religious??

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