Video: I need my teacher to learn

With news coming in of Yacapaca being blocked in Lancashire (it’s subversive, you know), I thought this video was apposite.

If you cannot see the video from school, chalk one up to irony and check it from home.

Thanks Jeff Utecht for spotting it.

3 thoughts on “Video: I need my teacher to learn

  1. From Australia….Some teachers are willing but the PD lags behind. Change needs to come down from the top and give teachers necessary support to up grade skills. What is your Government doing on Education Policy?

  2. I thought that this video was right on. I work in a small private school that thinks they are using technology; but they have only hit the bottom step. They can not set up correct firewalls to keep out disgusting emails from medical companies, yet on the other had they can’t seem to let a class set up a blog site even with in their school.

  3. This video is just an advertisment for applemacs…can’t you see when big business is leading you by the nose?
    Mind you I agree teachers need to educate for the future not the past.


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