We need your help to complete the transition to reporting all test results as grades

Next time you log into Yacapaca, I’m going to ask you to do a little extra work. It’s worth it, I promise. I’m going to ask you to enter the grade scheme and average grade of each of your student sets.


Lots of teachers have told us that getting marks just as percentage is not all that useful. You need all marks to be reported in the grade-scheme used by that particular class.

So from now on, you will be able to see the markbook report according to the relevant grade-scheme – once you have enabled the feature.

What you need to do

Next time you either set an assignment or visit the Markbook, you will be asked to enter two pieces of data about that particular student set.

  • Grade scheme: in England that’s usually NC levels or GCSE grades, but we support a good list of other grade schemes.
  • The average grade the student set is currently achieving at. Take your best guess on this; there is actually quite a big margin of error.

It gets better over time

The system compiles all the data it gets (particularly the ‘average grade’ data) and performs nightly statistical comparisons to improve results. Incidentally, this is the benefit to you of using a web-based system like Yacapaca. We correlate all the data from our 1.8 million members, and this lets us get a very high level of statistical accuracy.

If you hit problems

Write to us at support@yacapaca.com – to make the system any better, we are going to need your feedback.

Lots of new features to come

This update will enable us to do lots of things that we couldn’t in the past. For example, look out for easy-to-use progress charts for each student.


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