Can students spell? Here are the data for homophones

Our Grammar Soundalikes course has been getting more popular recently, with over 17,000 uses
in the last year alone. The diagnostic assessment has had over 10,000
runs just by itself, so I thought it would be interesting to look at
what students know – and what they don’t know.

Best and worst spelling results:

  • The distinction that Colonel Blimp-types get most worked up about, to/two/too,
    actually scores best, with 78% of students correctly selecting the
    appropriate version.
  • The least-understood distinction was accept/except, with only 48%
    knowing the difference. Perhaps a little more attention could be put into getting students to understand the roots of these two words.

The full report is available for download here, if you are interested. Incidentally, full-data style of report is a standard, but little-known, feature of Yacapaca.


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