Helping students who struggle with revision

All my life I have struggled with an attention span that would disgrace a gnat; most especially during my schooldays. Come revision time, I would certainly put in the hours but productive, focussed attention eluded me. So I know what it’s like for many of the kids you are sending off for study leave this week and next.

The problem is, what can you do to support students who are working from home? And the answer is a lot more than you could have done in pre-internet days. Yacapaca now has good coverage of most subjects, and our quizzes make great revision aids.

Here are the assigning patterns that will give the most help those students who struggle:

  • Assign only 2-3 quizzes at a time; don’t overwhelm. If you want to get all the assigning done at once, design a schedule and edit the start dates so that new quizzes appear daily in students’ to-do lists.
  • Set very short deadlines of 1-3 days for each assignment. The aim is to make sure that work does not build up. Vulnerable students will get very demotivated by growing lists of things to do; with short deadlines, quizzes will disappear from the to-do list if not attempted quickly so the list never gets scary-long.
  • Use Quick Assignments to communicate directly with students when you need to. They don’t have to be actual assignments; they might just be short personal notes of encouragement.
  • Be prepared to individualise work. Remember you can edit an assignment to so it applies to just one or a few students from a student set. You can also quickly copy students into mini-sets on the fly; Yacapaca gives you huge flexibility in how you group your students.


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