Reporting grades using New Zealand gradeschemes

New Zealand National Curriculum levels, and NCEA grades, are now supported by Yacapaca. If you teach in New Zealand, you can now:

  • view assignment marks in NZ-relevant grades
  • set targets in NZ grades
  • share progress charts calibrated in NZ grades with students and parents.

Here’s how. To access NZ grading, you need to switch it on for each of your student sets. See this video for how to do it in one minute per set.

To help the system calibrate accurately to each of your student sets, there are a couple more steps:

  1. Enter the average grade each student set currently achieving. The system uses this particuarly for less-popular quizzes where it does not have a lot of external calibration data.
  2. Use the Offline Assignments feature (under the More… tab) to enter marks from at least two assignments per student. The system uses this data for general calibration. Incidentally, some teachers in the UK now use the Yacapaca gradebook for all their grading, because of the way it can easily be shared with pupils and parents.

My thanks for help in setting the New Zealand grade schemes go to John Cluett of Albany JHS, Guy Oclee-Brown of Whangaparaoa College and John Wright of Howick College.


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