My favourite Yacapaca resources

Some of my favourite courses, organised by subject.

Business & Economics

Year 11 Business Communications Revision: Does what it says on the tin, and does it with very high quality. The feedback is truly formative, i.e. it does not just spoon-feed the right answer.

Design & Technology

Dawlish Community College Resistant Materials: A simple pictorial quiz. The real joy is when you come to do the analysis. The questions are very clearly tagged and the quiz analysis will return a simple graph showing you which machines the students can use safely, and which need some reinforcement. A great safety resource.

English & Media

Literacy Across the Curriculum: History: Nice mixed-question, high quality quizzes that really show what is possible. And a great literacy/history resource too!


Geographies of Sustainable Global Cities: Really interesting quizzes around two of the coolest cities on the planet: Dubai and Curitiba. It even gives a mention to my personal hero Jaime Lerner.


Age of Empires: Well-balanced quiz on the slave trade. A gruesome subject well-handled. I would love to see more from this author.


GCSE Computing A451 – Computer Systems: Excellent, rich quizzes with thoughtful formative feedback that will work well with the brighter kids who are taking Computing at GCSE. I have my fingers crossed that this is the first of a series.


Maths KS3 baseline tests, Doubling and halving. It’s a bit of a mystery why I am listed as the author of this. I was on the team that produced the 3000 base questions, but I certainly was not the creative driver. It’s excellent, nonetheless.

Modern Foreign Languages

Irish: CCEA Graded Objectives in Modern Languages, Level 1: There is an amazing flowering of Irish language resources on Yacapaca; I am really proud of what the community has achieved here. Plenty of French, German and Spanish too, but the Irish is a really unique resource.

Performing Arts

GCSE Listening: I spent so long listening (yes, listening) to these quizzes that I seriously jeopardised the deadline for this mailshot. Even if you don’t set them for your students, enjoy them for yourself.


Sex and Drugs: Excellent scenario-based quizzes written by Michelle Smith, who at the time was the National Coordinator for Healthy Schools. She has since been snapped up by the altogether more glamorous Jamie Oliver Foundation.


GCSE OCR Religious Studies B Philosophy and Religious Ethics: If you want proof that multiple choice questions can make you think, try these.


8J Magnets and electromagnets: Author Gavin Rayner consistently tops the Yacapaca quality ratings and you can see why. This is the perfect teaching resource in one neat package.


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