Progress with mobile access

This screenshot is me logging into Yacapaca on my phone.

Don’t be fooled by the large image here: it’s just an ordinary smartphone (actually an LG Nexus 4); not even an iPhone.



We redesigned the login fields so they actually grow larger as the screen grows smaller. You can see that here it almost fills the screen to make entering your password easier.

and this is the Gradebook, also on the phone


I didn’t expect the Gradebook to be practical on a little phone screen, even though it’s technically possible, but actually it works quite well. The inner table scrolls intelligently (two-finger scroll) to keep the names and column titles visible. I was able to track students and update their targets without difficulty. This works even better on an iPad.

What’s next?

The main work on making quizzes work on iPhones and other mobile devices proceeds apace. We have got the ‘quiz runner’ working in wireframe (i.e. without design) now, and we are in the process of debugging it. I’m not prepared to commit to a launch date for it yet, but if you would like your school to be a beta test site, now’s the time to get in touch.


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