Why doesn’t Yacapaca look like Content Generator?

ImageNeil Birkin from Frederick Gent school is our #14th-ranked author, and therefore a Bloke To Be Listened To. He wrote to me today and asked

Both myself and the kids that I teach love Yacapaca – however I also use teachICT and they have some superb quizzes that have been created in content generator. I was wondering if there was any scope for increasing the range of the types of quiz that were available for use to make it an even better experience  for the pupils.

 My reply:
I want to introduce some new question types in the future, but there is no way we can support the kind of variety you see in Content Generator. You have to remember that building CG that way came at a cost. First, it can’t support a back end like Yacapaca. Second, it’s hitting the buffers as the world abandons Flash. Yacapaca is able to move on to HTML5. 

I am a huge admirer of Content Generator; a large part of my initial decision to use Flash for Yacapaca was based on visiting CG’s creator Andrew Field and seeing what he had been able to do with incredibly slender resources. I have reached out to Andrew and hopefully he will add his own comments.


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