Power User Checklist

So you use Yacapaca to assign quizzes to your students and get them auto-marked. Great! Consider yourself a true Power User when you also regularly use these features:

  • Offline Assessments: add grading data from any assignment and it’s instantly available to students and in analytics.
  • Quick Assignments: easier than using a book, less chaotic than email.
  • Revision: put students in charge of their own learning and encourage them to revise throughout the year with Ebbinghaus spaced practice.
  • Homeworks: questions algorithmically selected for each student, with Ebbinghaus revision built in.
  • Mobile: your students can even do their homework on their phones.
  • Flightlines: the simplest way to show students and parents alike what their progress really is, and what it should be.
  • Authoring: write your own quizzes, using and re-using questions from authors who have been there before you.
  • Author training: join one of our regular online training groups for teachers. Most of our top authors are graduates of this programme.
  • Meta-data analytics: analyse your student results by gender, FSM, SEN, EAL and other factors.
  • Co-teaching: share results with other teachers in a structured, set-by-set approach.
  • Keyword analysis: an instant view of the strengths and weaknesses of your set, the moment a quiz is finished.
  • Progress in topics: which topics need reviewing, and which are safe to leave alone?
  • Teams whiteboard: the best motivational tool since the carrot.
  • Question analysis whiteboard: go over each question with the whole class; see what they knew and what the didn’t.

If I have missed your favourite feature, let me know in the comments.


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