Update to the keyword revision log

At the end of each quiz, students see an analysis of their performance against the keywords set for the questions in that quiz. They can save one keyword to their revision log, and this will then be emphasised in their revision later on.

The update is that we now only allow one keyword to be saved; previously they all could. This artificial restriction may seem strange to you.

When I analysed the data from the first version of this feature, what I found was

  • 45% of students selected all keywords
  • 45% of students selected no keywords
  • 10% of students selected some keywords.

In other words, only 10% were actually discriminating between what was useful to them and what was not. Selecting all provides us with no more information about their needs than selecting none.

We probably can’t affect those students who select none, but I’m hopeful we will find that we have moved the 45% “all” students into the “some” category, with the result that we are now collecting useful, actionable data from 55% of students.

As well as guiding revision, we will analyse the data to work out which tags have the highest overall relevance, and give those more prominence in analytics for both students and teachers.


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